Louisville Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel 

Is a chiropractor helpful for carpal tunnel in Louisville? This is a question we are going to tackle in depth in this article. However, let’s first find out what a carpal tunnel syndrome is, how it occurs and how the chiropractor care helps in treating this disorder. Let’s learn!  

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)  

This is a stress injury that keeps on recurring. It is also commonly referred to as, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)  

How Does CTS Occur?  

This syndrome is caused by a motion that is monotonous. For instance, writing or typing. These are some of the motions that may lead to pain and even injury.  


Its diagnosis involves the examination of the body and x-rays if need be. CTS should be detected as early as possible, so that, if there is any treatment needed, it can be administered early enough.  

Chiropractic Care in Louisville  

Chiropractic care focuses on wrist, elbow and adjustments on the upper part of the spine. The arm that is affected should be rested. Ice should be applied on the arm since it helps in the reduction of inflammation. The proper exercise should also be done for the arm.  

Chiropractic ensures that your spine is aligned properly. Experienced chiropractors in Louisville who dispense the care not only to assuage the pain but also, to ensure that your body is back to its normal state.  

Supports for the Wrist  

These supports help the wrist to stay aligned properly after chiropractic care is administered. This therapy also helps to prevent any injuries caused by CTS.  

Chiropractor for Pinched Nerve

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