The Best Parks and Museums In Louisville KY

So Much To See

Louisville Kentucky is one of the largest city in Kentucky and sits on Ohio river along the Indiana border. There is a lot to see in Louisville as there many parks and museums. One of the park to visit is Louisville waterfront park which offers you extensive walking opportunities. There is such a great view of city, river, and bridges. The park is ideal for joggers and walkers as it has broad pedestrian walking paths. The park is well maintained and has a campground for children with several picnic tables. If you are looking for a place to rest, then waterfront park is the place to go.

Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park is right in the middle of the city. The park has a scenic making it easy to traverse the park without getting lost. It’s a great place to ride the bike or to stroll. Then we have the Park lands of Floyds fork which has a wild hyacinth trail with flowers. The trail connects the Floyd fork basin with ridge tops winding its way through to Turkey run park.

Iroquois Park

This park has artistic features including the pumpkin carvings and then there is Jack 0 Lateran extravaganza every night which is fantastic and gives you a magical experience. In Louisville, there is also the mega caverns. The cavern is human-made and is an enjoyable sight especially for kids. Louisville is bestowed with beauty and nature around it, and the Beckley Creek Park in the eastern part of the city gives you a good walking trail. Beckley park is perfect for a picnic. The environment at Beckley is notably clean and hosts all sorts of creatures. It’s also a good walking trail for dogs.

Louisville is home to great museums

The Frazier history museum is located in the main west district of downtown. The museum is named after the founder. The Frazer museum exhibits toy soldiers on its first floor, and other permanent exhibitions display the happenings in Louisville during prohibition and the history of the town. The museum has a lot of play toys for kids.

Louisville slugger museum factory

This museum showcases the Leo exhibit, and the factory tour is fantastic. The museum exhibits a lot of balls of different kind of games, and if you are a baseball lover, you get to see the various finishes of the baseball. The Kentucky Derby Museum is the place to be like every day is a derby day. The museum showcases a lot of history about the derby, and they offer lunch at the end of the tour. Even if you don't love horses, the Kentucky Derby will give you a different experience.

The Conrad-Caldwell house

It is located at the old entrance to southern exposition. The house is a showcase of architecture with the exteriors having the Romanesque architecture. The house is worth spending time as every decoration is beautiful and has a history. The museum has the history of the owners, and the tour guide is excellent. If you are visiting Louisville city, there is much to experience with the park and museums. The city has a rich history, and you will enjoy listening and understanding the past of the town.