Chiropractic Testimonials

The Raley family describes why they began coming to see Doctor Lowe, why they keep coming back each month and how it’s a place for the whole family.

"When I first came to Lowe Chiropractic I was skeptical and reserved.  I knew though that the pain I was having in my neck, shoulder, upper back and lower back for the past 2 years was only getting worse.  It first started out hurting just some of the time and slowly became constant.  The past year the pain was always there and getting more intense.  I found myself answering my wife’s question, (is your neck hurting) with the same answer (always). was concerned about letting someone start popping my neck and spine without doing x-rays first.  In fact I wasn’t going to let it happen.  I was sure relieved and impressed when Dr. Lowe said he would not do a treatment without seeing x-rays.

During the initial consultation I got to see a picture of my spine.  I wasn’t surprised to see it was out to the left from the tail bone all the way up to the base of the skull.   I knew then I was at the right place.  He explained that it was going to take time and many adjustments to get me straight again but with the right plan he was sure I’d be back to new again and pain free.  That was really good news to me.  For the past 10 years I have been riding bicycles.  It’s normal for me to ride 150 miles a week during the summer and still 50 to 100 miles weekly during the winter months.  This pain was beginning to affect my riding and that would be devastating if I had to hang up the bikes.

Since the treatments started Dr. Lowe was able to pinpoint the cause of the problem.  I had been sleeping on too high of a pillow.  I guess in my younger days that never made a difference but now that I’m in my early 50s that won’t get it anymore.  Strange thing was every night I slept great that way.  There was never any pain while sleeping so I had no idea.  Over time the joints slowly slipped out just enough to cause a permanent curve that was really causing problems.  Now after 5 months of treatment the pain in my lower back and mid back is gone and the neck and shoulder pain which was the worse is 60% better.  There are short times early in the morning that I wake up with zero pain.  It does come back after a while but that is a good sign.   I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so glad that I decided to give Dr. Lowe a try and I would highly recommend him and his staff."

- Patrick Patterson

"When I first came to Lowe Chiropractic I felt .... a great sense of urgency. I had been to chiropractors before for specific low back issues. I've beat my body up over the years playing baseball, softball, volleyball and golf. This time it was a neck problem. I woke up one morning in May of 2008 and I couldn't move my neck to the left or right. I had to swivel my shoulders to the left and right to have a conversation, pull out of the driveway and swing a golf club. I had a scramble lined up that particular day and I attempted to play but was in severe pain. When I tried to swing I had to turn my head away from the ball and take my eye completely off of it. I play to a 1 handicap but my team that day would've never believed it. I shanked half my shots and didn't bother hitting several. Now I've awaken to a stiff neck occasionally from sleeping the wrong way but nothing like this.  The greater problem was that my favorite golf trip of the year was coming up that week. I had already paid for it and it would be too late to cancel. I also would have been utterly disappointed to miss all six rounds over four days.

I was most concerned about .... the fear of the unknown and the process. My last chiropractor was a good friend and we approached things more casually with some quick adjustments and targeted therapy. He was also about a 30 minute drive from MiddIetown where we live. I started to look for someone in our area since gas prices were $4 a gallon at the time. I found a few websites and a couple chiropractors who advertised in my church newspaper. However, I quickly remembered a chiropractic practice that did a full page flyer in our church newspaper several years before. I read the entire article and it made me understand the benefits of chiropractic care as a part of your overall wellness plan. I visited their website and called them up. They made it seem so simple. We'll find a time and schedule you for an appointment. They worked me in that afternoon. My first visit really tore down any fears or worries I had about chiropractic care. They asked me lots of questions and I filled out some simple forms. They also did a very thorough exam with x-rays. Knowing that I had my trip before they could take a look at my findings, Doc Lowe and his team performed some emergency adjustments and some therapy to my neck. They sent me home with some biofreeze to apply as well.

I had never been x-rayed and never totally understood the way your spine affects every part of your body. I'm a person who likes to understand the big picture before I'm totally comfortable. Doc Lowe and his team did a great job of educating me about chiropractic care which eased my mind. The examination was thorough but laid back. I felt informed and taken care of but not anxious. Well one day later I was on my way to Tennessee for the long awaited golf trip. I was able to play all six rounds without pain. I even shot a 74 and two 75's to make it even better. I came back home and met Doc Lowe to review my report of findings. He showed me some of the causes of the pain I experienced and what the long-term effects would be if I didn't take action. They set up a plan for me and eventually my wife as well.

And now after treatment, I feel ... wonderful! I've made significant improvements at my re-exams and my re-xray. My neck hasn't bothered me in almost a year. I also have had other good side effects like low to no acid reflux and my sinus issues have become unnoticeable. Doc Lowe and his office have worked with our family to make chiropractic care affordable for our budget. We now come on a monthly maintenance program and feel so good after our adjustments. Oh yeah, and we make it a family affair. All three of our children (3,2 & 1 currently) come for adjustments and of course balloons. Lowe Chiropractic and Wellness has become a normal destination for the Raley Family. We feel like part of the family there and we enjoy the fun and sense of community."

- Bryce Raley

"I am a 36 year old mother of 2 boys who are 5 and almost 3. I work many long hours and mostly 6 days a week. When I first came to Lowe Chiropractic I was in pain due to lower back problems and had to adjust many basic things in order for me to function. I couldn’t put my socks on or sit on the floor with my boys. Dr. Lowe got me moving but then I stopped treatment due to finances. My insurance didn’t cover everything and I put my own health last.

Late October of 2008 I arrived back in the office walking on crutches. I was in terrible pain. Worse than I thought it would ever be. I spent all my free time in bed because I couldn’t do anything else. One thing I had been looking forward to all year was Halloween with my boys. I was so excited to be able to go trick or treating but that weekend I was pushed around in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk.

I was concerned about my finances but I also realized that if I wanted to live a happier life I needed to put my health first. I needed to be able to be a Mother and a good Mother but how could I if I couldn’t even move? My other concern was time. I work a lot of hours and the type of job I have you can’t call in sick. I love my job. It is very fulfilling but again how could I continue to perform at my best when I couldn’t even move? I decided for myself and my family I needed to make it work. I had to put aside that feeling of selfishness that absorbs me when I put myself first and I did.

Dr. Lowe had me walking within 3 days. I progressed quickly and within 3 months I was running! I haven’t been able to run in years. I always wanted to be able to run a marathon. I have now completed a 5k, 10k and I am working towards 10 miles. I run what I can and walk when I need to. What is so wonderful is that I can play with my boys and they are proud of me. They have watched me cross the finish line of a race and it was the best feeling in the world to see their faces and the excitement they had for me. I have more energy, strength and my mood is 100 times better. I am motivated. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months because I can move. My family is now doing Tae Kwon Do, something else I always wanted to do.

I never thought that by putting myself first I would actually be benefiting my boys. I take better care of myself and they are learning that it’s a good thing to care for oneself. I am motivated in ways I never thought were possible anymore. I thought that this was the lot I had been dealt so deal with it. I thought my youth was done. I am 36 years old and there is no reason to feel any of those things. I have been given the gift of health.

I love life because I can."

- Kathy Reynolds

"Neck Pain, lower back pain and irregular menstrual cycles. Low back pain is no longer a problem. I feel great. With the help of Dr. Lowe, I gave birth to a healthy 9 pound boy. Life couldn’t be better."

- Tracy and Sammy Gardner

"Arm and shoulder pain, Low back pain and right hip pain. I couldn’t do normal house work and yard work. I can walk stairs again. I am very thankful for Dr. Lowe!!!"

- Joyce Rudolph

"Low Back Pain for over a YEAR. I had seen two medical doctors and nothing had worked. It was a lot of pain and hard to get around. I don’t take any pain pills now. It is much better since coming to Dr. Lowe."

- Leonard Ulery

"I highly recommend Dr. Lowe and his staff to anyone who has been suffering with back, leg or joint pain."

- Ila Swick

"I like the genuine concern for me and my well being by Dr. Lowe and his staff. I feel valued and I know I will receive exactly what is needed to make me better. My results are Wonderful!!! My pain level has decreased to the point I am able to work 5 days a week (37 ½ hours). By Friday I am feeling tired and my lower back & legs are heavy & painful, but not like it used to be. I can live with that. Anyone who is in pain needs to come here for help. Pain pills just put a bandage on their pain, it doesn't get rid of it and by masking the pain it only causes the problem to get worse. Stop pain pills- get real help-see Dr. Lowe now. “

- Bev E.

"I am a patient here at Dr. Lowe’s. I came in, I had a very bad pinched nerve. With a lot of pain in my neck and right side of my shoulder, it was very numb. Went to several doctors. I wasn’t having any luck with the medical route. So, I decided to come see Dr. Lowe. I had seen him for another neck problem that I had. Dr. Lowe, within just a couple treatments was able to alleviate the majority of the pain. Through sustained visits with him, all the pain is almost all the way gone. We’re on our way to a recovery.

I am very happy with my care here. I would recommend Dr. Lowe to anyone, including my wife, who is now a patient of Dr. Lowe’s. I appreciate Dr. Lowe’s care. Thank you."

- Kent Browning

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