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Virtual Lunch and learn with Louisville KY Chiropractor stress

Virtual Lunch & Learn About Working from Home in Louisville

Stress is affecting more people than ever. Working from home presents a new set of challenges. These include how they “Work at home” and how they use their workspaces.

Dr. Patrick Lowe is a Chiropractor in Louisville, Kentucky. He says, “People deserve to be healthy, happy and pain-free. Little adjustments to their spine, their lifestyle and their workspace can produce huge results.”

He enjoys speaking to people about Stress and Work Space Ergonomics. His interactive presentations provide easy steps to relieve both physical and mental stress.

He will give you practical strategies that are easy to learn and share with the people around you. He will also talk about maximizing your workspace at home for better ergonomics.Virtual Lunch and learn with Louisville KY Chiropractor working from home

  • Understanding Stress and how it affects your body
  • 3 Simple ways to mitigate your stress without spending any money
  • 4 Tips to maximizing your home office space for less pain and better productivity

Dr. Lowe is the owner and Clinic Director at Lowe Chiropractic & Wellness, PLLC in Louisville, Kentucky. He works with area businesses providing massage days and Lunch & Learns to help people “Feel Better, Get Better and Stay Better.” He hosts a podcast for Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students and is active in his church.

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