Celebrate With Us At Our Patient Appreciation Day

Chiropractor Louisville KY Patrick Lowe With Team

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Friday, April 19, 2024 | From 8 AM to 6 PM

We are celebrating! Celebrating all of the miracles that people achieve through chiropractic care. Celebrating the friends we have made through our office. Celebrating the people who have sent in, brought in, dragged in, their friends and family members.

I will never forget the patient who showed up in a police car with her supervisor. She wanted her to come in and get better. She was getting a lot of resistance about trying a chiropractor. She later laughed that she had to "kidnap" her supervisor to get her to our office. It all worked out, the supervisor got better and no one pressed charges. 🙂 I think the statute of limitations is passed now.

Not everyone has to go to that extreme to get their friends to chiropractic.

How Are We Celebrating?

We will have food, door prizes, and share some more great stories. We also want to hear your stories. We sincerely appreciate you! We will be sending out details on the door prizes and how you can get tickets via email and in our office.

New Patients?

We have set aside 10 complimentary visits for new patients. This will cover their consultation, 4-D Biostructural Evaluation, and their x-rays (if needed). As always, this does not apply to Medicaid or Medicare per federal law.

Share this with your friends. We can't wait to meet them. These will book up quickly.

You Too! Yes, I mean you!

If it's been a while since we have seen you, 25 years or even 3 months, we will make this Welcome Back Week. Alex, Jackie, and Vanessa are ready to schedule you for a complimentary consultation and exam so we can welcome you back and catch up what's been going on. They can get you scheduled Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday that week.

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