Louisville KY - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky

Here is what to do in Louisville once you land there.

The Kentucky Derby

Louisville has plenty of star attractions and heavy hitting sites that you need to visit. The Churchill Downs located at 700 Central Avenue is a thrilling racing point for both racing fans and those would just like the fun of it. Visit the racecourse and watch the thoroughbreds compete in probably the greatest horse race on earth. Attend the Kentucky Derby, a rare race showcasing the rivalry between the city’s two racing jewels. It might be as well the reason why you will be there.

If you can’t make it to the eventful day of the derby, you can be part of the racing history and visit the magnificent Kentucky Derby Museum located at the 704 Central Avenue where magnificent horses of the past are on display.

Meet the relics of Mohamed Ali

Did you know Louisville is the hometown of Mohamed Ali? When you visit the city remember to drop at Mohamed Ali Childhood Home Museum located at 3302 Grand Avenue. Here you will have a peek at the heroic Mohamed Ali’s humble beginning and his blast to being the three-time world heavyweights boxing champion.

Downtown Kentucky sits Mohamed Ali Centre at the 144 North 6th Street which offers a one of a kind immersive experience in everything concerning Ali’s life and contributions.

Where to Eat

If you are in Kentucky at any time other than the overcrowded and jam-packed Derby Weekend, all you’ll see is an embarrassment of rich dining joints. Here, competent chefs showcase their talent while celebrating Kentucky’s rich agricultural heritage.

You should start at 610 Magnolia, a flagship restaurant of the legendary chef Edward Lee. It is located at 610 West Magnolia Avenue. Lee began his remarkable career here before breaking to the national scene. You will have to book in advance to taste his signature menu.

Fellow great chef, Annie Pettry, prepares local foods at Decca which is located on 812 East Market Street. Her carefully selected ingredients are inscribed on every plate. Besides, there are plenty of intimate dining rooms in the elegantly preserved 19th-century NuLu building.

Across the street stands the Mayan Café (at 1036 East Market Street). Here you will meet Bruce Ucan and let him prepare for you beautiful dishes that pay homage to the Yucatan heritage.

Where to drink

Come to Louisville and taste the finest bourbon and a range of other craft beverages including kombucha and coffee to beer and brandy.

Start by picking your poison with the classic cocktail or any other clever riff at the swanky Meta Lounge located at 425 West Chestnut Street. Folks running this joint take their renowned drinks seriously, not themselves.

For a low-key treat, drop by the Pearl of the Germantown located at 1151 Goss Avenue which has a unique corner-bar-with-a-jukebox vibe. Here you will meet friendly bartenders who will serve you precision cocktails at friendly prices.

Where to shop

Start at Burtchertown Market located at 1201 Story Avenue. It was once a reputable leather tannery but has since been converted to be home to Louisville’s most intriguing and fun-filled shops. Buy spices at Bourbon Barrel Foods and whimsical creations at the Cellar Door Chocolates
In a nutshell, there is a lot you can do in Louisville that could fill an Encyclopedia.