Learn About The History Of Louisville KY

Louisville History

In Jefferson County is a city known as Louisville situated in the northwest of Lexington along Ohio River falls. The city has been a tremendous human habitat attracting millions of residents from its establishment till today. The waterfalls in the early days was a great attraction to the people in the United States of America and outside leading to the growth of the city. Visitor’s started settling around the waterfalls with investors chipping in to provide services the visitors needed and contributed to the erection of business and residential structures.

Late 17th and early 18th century

The foundation of the Louisville city started during the America revolution war when the first settlement was put up by Colonel George Rogers Clerk. Colonel Clerk was heading campaigns against the then colonies the British in the North of Ohio River. The settlement by the Colonel soldiers who came with around 80 civilians begun recapturing the fertile land started farming and eventually permanent settlement. The regime attracted more people especially the settlers who began crossing the river and settling in the area. Colonel George Rogers Clark is now known as the founder of Louisville, and significant landmarks in the city use his name.

18th century

The city developments were fully felt in the 18th century when people and cargo movements to and from the area gained momentum with the use of flatboats and keel boat that came later. Business activities along the Ohio River begun to rise with the movement of people through the river attracting many people in the area leading to high population. The census in 1830 that revealed the area had a population of above 7000 led to the pronouncement of Louisville as the Kentucky first city. The 18th century saw the erection of many companies in the area, construction of Louisville marine hospital and a Catholic school known as presentation academy. Civil war broke later, but Kentucky became the nerve center for Union forces which made the town immune from the war contributing to its rise.

19th century

The 19th century marked another face for the growth of Louisville and became the post reconstructing period. The increase of investments in the city in almost all sectors of the economy marked the century with rising of the population as well. Sports activities started taking shape with the launching of basketball National League taking place on February 2, 1876. The United States of America government started making great infrastructure develops in Louisville and bringing significant world events in the city.

20th century and beyond

Louisville in the 20th century marked the fall of the most promising economic powerhouse city which was growing at high rate especially with the innovation of new speedy boots that eased movements. Corruption and politics of the town in 1907 was the beginning of the town’s problems. The world wars reduced the town to almost nothing since it became the war production center that led to massive losses of property and life. The city during the century become the home of arts leading to the establishment of speed museum which is today the biggest and oldest museum in Kentucky.


The city is regaining its growth after massive destruction during the 2nd world war but remains one of the beautiful places to visit in the United States of America. The Ohio River Falls and the Speedy museum is the most fabulous tourist attractions in the city.