2017 Must See Landmarks In Louisville KY

Are you a fan of sight-seeing?

Well, if you are. Have you ever been to Louisville, KY? It is the ideal place to go on vacation with your family and colleagues. It’s the largest city in Kentucky, and there are lots of landmarks for you to see. It was founded in the year 1778 on the Ohio River. The town is well-known for hosting the Annual Kentucky Derby Horse Race. The event attracts lots of people from all over the world. Other than that, below are some of the landmarks you should see in Louisville.

1. The Kentucky Derby Museum

The derby began in the year 1875. Up to date, the event still occurs on the first Saturday in May. The derby happens in the Churchill Downs. The Kentucky Derby Museum exhibits the derby’s history, fine arts, trophies, photographs, racing artifacts and much more. You will get to have a thrilling tour and learn more about the derby.]

2. The famous Muhammad Ali Center

It was founded by the boxing champion Muhammad Ali in 2005. The Ali Center provides international and cultural education. It features captivating exhibits. It’s a six-story building with a state of the art theater, galleries, and plaza. You will get to see the civil rights era media footage. The center offers education in the form of tours, lectures, and films.

3. The Louisville Mega Cavern

Have you ever been to an underground zip line course? The mega cavern is home to the only underground zip line course. Plus, you will get to explore the underground geology and mines of Louisville. The cavern is human-made and stretches 17 miles beneath the city. The cavern offers lots of adventures and education to tourists of all ages. You can use either zip line onto some parts of the cavern or take a ride on the mega tram and see the caves and vast halls.

4. The Historic Frankfort Avenue

Commonly known as the “Avenue” by the locals. It is a section of a road that connects some of the historic and charismatic neighborhoods in Louisville. The avenue houses several boutiques, galleries, cafes, restaurants and several other attractive sights. You will get to see the historic Peterson-Dumensil house and the famous American printing house for the blind. The local restaurants prepare appetizing and sweet meals, whereas the boutiques sell trendy clothing, home décor, and outdoor gear. The venue also hosts some of the yearly events such as; Christmas, Easter and the 4th of July.

5. The Big Four Bridge

The bridge constructed in 1895 was a former railroad that extends along the Ohio River. It connects Louisville to Jeffersonville. In 1969, it was converted to a bicycle and pedestrian bridge. The pedestrians view it as a safe route to travel between the various cities. On both ends of the bridge, you will see beautiful lawns, pavilions, fountains and a playground for children.

6. The Cherokee Park

The municipal park stretches for 390 acres. It was opened in 1981. The scenic loop is among the best park features that run through rolling hills and forested areas. Other features include; the Hogan fountain, the BearGrass creek, and the Big Rock Playground and picnic area. There are different lanes for cars and pedestrians. You will be able to see several animals such as deer, foxes, hawks, beavers, and turtles.

Other Landmarks

There are lots of other landmarks in Louisville such as; The Mayan Café, The Whitehall House and Gardens, the Speed Art Museum and the Louisville Zoo. You can, therefore, tag along with your family, colleagues or spouse. Don’t be left behind.